FNArena’s Weekly Insights – February 1 2021

In this week’s Weekly Insights:

-And Off We Go…
-When Dumb Money Is Savvy, And Smart Money Is Not
-A Lesson From History
-The January Share Market Barometer
-February: Reason For Optimism
-2021, The Year Of Earnings Recovery
-Conviction Calls
-FNArena Webinar

By Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Editor FNArena

And Off We Go…

The new calendar year has only just begun, but January already delivered turmoil, volatility, momentum switches, and plenty of calls about overvalued share markets to keep any investor on the edge of his/her seat.

If this is the blueprint for the year ahead, then 2021 will be surprising, volatile and unpredictable, though not necessarily all at the same time.

Looks like February this year will continue the trend of the years past in that domestic corporate results season is not solely about results versus forecasts; there is once again plenty happening on the macro-level to overwhelm whatever should be concluded from corporate financial performances.

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